Creating the Motivated School

Where will your school’s next 5% of improvement in grades come from?

To what extent will it come from students who:
– Could, but don’t believe they can?
– Could, but don’t see the point or can’t be bothered?

How do you engage, motivate and inspire the students from these 2 groups to raise their achievement?
The importance of motivation and positive mindset are often taken for granted in education in the quest for school improvement. Schools invest lots of time, effort and resources into short term intervention measures to maximise pupil achievement, mainly at KS4.

Investing time creating a culture of motivation and success at all levels of a school amongst staff and pupils will develop sustainable approaches to raising achievement, with the aim of reducing or even removing the need for short term intervention.

This day covers:

  • Creating the motivated classroom
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies to motivate
  • Developing achievement / success mindsets
  • Building resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Creating self-propelled independent learners
  • Teacher feedback to motivate learners
  • Developing aspiration in your pupils
  • Creating the Whole-School culture

This programme may be delivered as an INSET day within your school or federation.  Please email us for details.

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