Developing an Independent Learning Classroom and School

John Turner     with John Turner

This practical training course will focus on how we can get our students learning in a way that is less dependent on us, their teachers

  • What are the key features of independent learning?
  • What are the key characteristics of independent learners?
  • How can we develop these features and characteristics in our classroom and across our school?
  • How can we specifically develop two features of independent learners – resilience and asking great questions

This day examines the features of great independent learning and learners as well as the evidence that independent learning has a real impact on pupil progress and achievement. It offers practical advice on strategies and tools to develop independent learners in both the classroom and school. John draws on his experience working in primary and secondary schools in England and Australia to share what works and how teachers sometimes need to adapt their pedagogy to allow independent learning to flourish. He models the elements of this pedagogy by focusing on two key features of independent learning:

  • Building resilience/growth mindset
  • Getting pupils to ask really great questions

You will leave the session with a wealth of ideas and strategies to develop and embed in your classroom and school.


John Turner is an inspirational trainer who has worked in schools across the UK as well as in Australia and Europe and is the co-author with Alistair Smith of Learning to Learn in Practice.  He is passionate about the “core business” of schools – improving the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom. As part of this process, he enjoys working at a strategic level on whole school improvement in learning and teaching, as well as at a classroom level with groups of practitioners on how to make a real difference to learning and teaching practice in the classroom.


This programme may be delivered as an INSET day within your school or federation.  Please email us for details.

For more information or to make a booking:

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