NLP Diploma Part 1

NLP is a cutting edge communication and change approach strategy enabling empowered thinking and trust.

  • Designed specifically for education professionals
  • For the classroom, leadership and 1-2-1 situations
  • The very best in NLP change strategies
  • Relaxed, inspirational training style

Day 1 provides the essential underlying concepts of NLP and begins to explore the advanced change techniques that can be applied to your situation. Day 2 focuses on advanced strategies for confidence building and conflict resolution.

The course is intensive and activity-based with links to ‘real-life’ work situations throughout.
Why attend the course?

  • Practical and strategic approach to give support to others
  • Make change happen
  • Blend existing skills to new NLP approaches, increasing effectiveness
  • Build trust and confidence in yourself and others
  • Empower yourself, learners and colleagues
  • Tangible skills to use in different environments
  • Increased flexibility and options in difficult and challenging situations
  • Adaptable knowledge for group and individual situations

What will I learn?


  • The foundations of NLP
  • Increased sensory awareness and rapport building
  • Target setting and forward thinking techniques
  • Rapid change techniques
  • Secrets of confident presentations
  • Internal and external conflict resolution tools
  • Motivational language patterns
  • To activate motivation

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