Raising Standards in Maths (primary)

Dave Godfrey




with Dave Godfrey

Dave’s training aims to help raise standards by increasing teachers’ confidence and subject knowledge, and by giving them tools to be creative and to enjoy the subject!

Choose from 6 training days for your INSET day or cluster event:

  • Rejuvenating Primary Mathematics: 5 practical ideas to rejuvenate the teaching of Primary Mathematics
  • Number Fun: Using songs as a creative and powerful tool in the teaching of Primary Mathematics
  • Creativity: Helping children achieve in Primary Mathematics through creative and fun-filled activity
  • Calculations: Equipping teachers with knowledge and confidence to teach calculations effectively
  • Maths Talk: Helping children achieve by developing creative and productive talk in Mathematics
  • Brain-Based Learning: Developing a brain-based approach to the teaching and learning of Mathematics

“Our day with Dave Godfrey was full of energy, fun and endless ideas! The Number Fun resources span the primary age phases and are a great way to strengthen MA2 across the entire school…”


We are committed to providing outstanding training at a sensible price.    Please email us for details.

For more information or to make a booking:

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email: office@smartees-learning.com