How to Adopt Growth Mindset Across Your School

This course equips participants with the growth mindset knowledge and tools to improve their wellbeing in the workplace and to better support their students’ learning and success.   It provides the skills and knowledge to manage stress, enhance the enjoyment of the learning environment and improve outcomes.

Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset work will be covered so that participants understand the research that underpins the effectiveness of these strategies which, the trainer asserts, are essential in the modern educational age.

You will leave this course with the knowledge, skills and techniques to positively influence:

  • independence
  • intellectual risk-taking
  • persistence


  • yourself
  • your staff and colleagues
  • your students

From day two (optional), delegates will work with coaching techniques to enable them to apply their learning in a very practical way and begin to coach others.

A growth mind-set will be fostered in the sessions and delegates will leave with a ‘can do’ attitude that will be infectious to others!


This programme may be delivered as an INSET day within your school or federation.  Please email us for details.

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