How to Raise Achievement in Year 11

This course is focused on supporting Year 11 students to achieve their potential. The challenge for all schools is to create sustainable approaches to maximise the potential of Year 11, without the need to be reliant on short term quick fix approaches which often are staff driven and build learner dependence on school staff. If you are in a pastoral or leadership role, you will be provided with proven approaches and strategies which raise achievement, develop confidence and create aspiration.

The content focuses on the following aspects: –

  • Identifying the behaviours and beliefs of successful students, and how to develop them with your students
  • Developing a growth mindset with your students
  • Creating a team approach to raising achievement with Year 11 students
  • Motivating students to achieve their potential
  • Supporting students throughout the challenges of Year 11
  • Creating a culture of aspiration and high expectations across Year 11


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This programme may also be delivered as an INSET day within your school or federation.  Please email us for details.

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